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      Laguna Logo (White)

      Dealer Exclusive Woodworking Machinery

      Laguna Tools has been manufacturing woodworking machinery for over 35 years.? Laguna offers world-class customer service, high end woodworking machines at an affordable price and is exclusive to our trusted 300+ dealer network.

      Laguna 18|CX Bandsaw

      LAGUNA Bandsaws

      Laguna is known for providing quality bandsaws with unparalleled stability and power in even our most compact machines. No matter which bandsaw you choose, whether you are a hobbyist or professional woodworker, you will never want to go to any other bandsaw.

      LAGUNA Dust Collectors

      Our Cyclone Dust Collectors have been re-engineered to provide the best suction and efficiency possible. From stationary powerhouses to mobile solutions, we have a dust collector for your shop.

      C Flux 3
      Laguna Jointer

      LAGUNA Jointers

      Laguna ShearTecII Cutterhead Jointers utilize cutting edge technology. Deep gullets allow chips to exit fast and keep the head clean, while the 6 row design allows more carbide inserts, longer lifetime, less noise and vibration, and a smoother finish.

      LAGUNA Lathes

      Revo Lathes redefine stability when it comes to wood turning. With a Delta VFD maximum torque is always guaranteed and the all cast-iron design prevents any chance of vibrations occurring.


      LAGUNA Planers

      Laguna Planers feature the unique ShearTec II Cutter Head which consists of a 6 row system, rather than a 4 row one. Achieve better finishes and removals with these surprisingly quiet planers.

      LAGUNA Sanders

      Laguna Sanding Machines are engineered to be especially easy to use and maintain. Sanding should never be a strenuous step, and our sanders make sure of that.

      19-38 Combo Sander

      LAGUNA Shapers

      Laguna Shapers are pre-drilled to accept most power feeders and equipped with finely tuned fences providing you with reliable micro-adjustments for complete accuracy.

      LAGUNA Tablesaws

      Fusion Tablesaws are uniquely designed to maintain a truly flat tabletop and feature built in wheels, quick change riving knife, and more.

      F1 Tablesaw